Lead Paint Legal Issues

Lead paint exposure is an ongoing issue that has existed for decades. Houses were built using lead paint on both the interior and exterior of homes until 1978, when lead paint was deemed too dangerous for use. Up until that time, no one considered what irreversible effects the ingestion and inhalation of lead paint and [...]


DIY Home Improvement- Lead Paint Risks

In an age where internet blogs and DIY videos are popular, there comes an increased risk for harmful and uninformed decisions. Trying to save money on home improvement by doing a project yourself seems like the smart way to go with handy step-by-step tutorials strewn all over YouTube. Remodeling your own home that was built [...]


De-leading Step by Step Process

I've added a step by step process to our webpages, but for those that have not gotten a chance to look at it, please click here. Do keep in mind that this step by step process for lead paint removal is specific for Massachusetts, as the regulations for each state is different.


Lead Paint in Old School Buildings

I've posted a good amount of articles on how lead paint affects children's IQ and future well-being. A local web article recently published on CapeNews.net spoke about how there was progress being made on the feasibility of renovating an old school building, the James F. Peebles Elementary School, in Bourne, MA that was built in 1953. [...]


The Lead Poisoning of Our Children

Until recently, it was generally assumed that lead poisoning of our children was no longer a cause for concern. Since the U.S. removed lead from gasoline in 1976 and banned it from paint in 1978, most health professionals, regulators and the general public had considered the problem to be largely solved...read the entire article by Bryan Ganz


Putting The Next Generation of Brains in Danger

(CNN) -- The number of chemicals known to be toxic to children's developing brains has doubled over the last seven years, researchers said Dr. Philip Landrigan at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York and Dr. Philippe Grandjean from Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, authors of the review published Friday in The Lancet Neurology [...]

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