Lead in Children’s Bones- What Was Discovered?

When young children attend their annual checkup, a blood test is administered that includes testing for existing blood lead levels. While a blood test can monitor whether a child has recently been exposed to lead, it does not show whether any past exposure has occurred. It only takes one incident of being exposed to lead to permanently affect a [...]

The Boston Globe Exposes Issues with Massachusetts Lead Laws

Massachusetts is widely known for its antique homes and historic towns, but with older homes comes unavoidable dangers. Lead paint has been banned from household paints since 1978, and even though this has had a positive impact on new construction and safety, more than two thirds of homes built in Massachusetts were built prior to [...]


Lead Removal Funding: Where is the Money Really Going?

Exposure to lead through pre-1978 lead paint was not taken seriously until the past few decades. Once officials realized the permanent, irreversible damage lead can have on a child, they finally began to take action and help prevent lead exposure from occurring. Millions of homes in the United States are still lead ridden, and many [...]


Retribution For Lead Exposure

As lead paint regulations become harsher, more lawsuits against property owners, landlords, and even paint companies are emerging. Just recently, a 17-year old boy from Baltimore, Maryland was awarded 2 million dollars in a civil case against The Dackman Company. The boy lived with his mother and grandmother from the time he was born until [...]

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Glossary Page

A convenient glossary has recently been added to the Home page of the Northeast Remediation LLC website for your knowledge. It contains common terms and definitions that are used in the de-leading industry, including our website and posted blogs. Lead removal involves terminology that may be difficult for an untrained individual to understand, and we [...]


Lead Prevention While Pregnant

Over the last few decades, lead paint regulations have become more severe and less lenient. The government's concerns are focused mainly on young children, specifically under 6 years old, as they are the most susceptible to becoming poisoned and permanently effected. What is not discussed as often, however, is the impact that lead exposure has [...]

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Drastic Drop in Crime- What’s Causing It?

New York City is internationally known for its festive and extravagant New Year’s Eve celebration. An estimated 1 million people will be in New York at the time of the ball drop, while 1 billion people around the world will watch on television. While New York City has not always been the safest, it has [...]


Are Your Child’s Toys Hazardous?

Christmas is finally upon us, and dozens of presents are under the Christmas tree waiting to be opened by eager, enthusiastic children. While most of the blogs I write focus on lead paint in homes, I consider this an important time to touch base on the lead paint in children’s toys. While lead paint was [...]


Behind the Scenes at Northeast Remediation

Recently, my colleague Victor and I had the opportunity to attend a de-leading certification class. Being associates at Northeast Remediation, we thought it would be in our best interest to be more educated on the lead removal process. The 32-hour course would ultimately gain us a certificate to work on and supervise high-risk de-leading projects. We attended [...]


Various Methods for De-leading Your Home

Homeowners residing in houses that contain lead paint are often misinformed about the de-leading processes available to them. Lead paint is not something that is discussed often, so when a family is required to take action, they can make rash decisions without weighing their options. A major part of hiring someone to remediate your home [...]

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