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Making Massachusetts a Safe Environment For Our Children – One Home at a Time

Specializing in Lead Paint & Mold Removal and Remodeling for Residential & Commercial Properties

Northeast Remediation & Remodeling specializes in both lead and mold remediation service throughout Massachusetts. As one of the largest and most professional companies in the industry, Northeast Remediation & Remodeling strives to produce quality products while protecting your home’s irreplaceable antique woodwork and detailed moldings. While we pride ourselves on our ability to create a superior end result, our company’s mission is focused on one important goal – to make homes safe for young families and children.

Lead RemediationNortheast Remediation also specializes in a wide array of services, both residential and commercial, that fall outside of lead remediation. These services include (but are not limited to): remodeling, restoration, antique furniture and piece stripping, porch/deck rebuilds, bathrooms, kitchens, demo, vinyl siding, finish carpentry and painting. Northeast Remediation’s crew is compiled of skilled craftsmen that have extensive knowledge and years of experience in all aspects of the construction industry.

Massachusetts has recently altered lead regulations- making it easier and more affordable to delead your home. Educate yourself on the hazards of lead paint and how you can best protect your family.

Many people believe that ingesting lead paint chips is the primary cause of lead poisoning in children. This however, is untrue. Children are normally poisoned by inhaling microscopic lead dust created by deteriorating lead paint. A single gram of lead dust, which can easily fit inside of a sugar packet, is enough to create a lead dust hazard twice the danger level in an entire block of 20 homes. The remediation methods that are applied during deleading rid the home of urgent hazards and any further creation of lead dust. After the final cleaning of the home, parents can be confident that their child is growing up in a safe environment. Learn more about The Dangers Of Lead

We service greater Boston, North Shore, Middlesex County, Essex County, Suffolk counties.