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Flint, Michigan Lead Water Crisis

Flint, Michigan has recently been thrown into the spotlight for issues surrounding lead exposure through contaminated water. Although the source of lead exposure can vary, the irreversible effects remain the same. Flint’s national news coverage was the direct result of one resilient and concerned mother, a resident of Flint with three children. LeAnne Walters rushed [...]

Retribution For Lead Exposure

As lead paint regulations become harsher, more lawsuits against property owners, landlords, and even paint companies are emerging. Just recently, a 17-year old boy from Baltimore, Maryland was awarded 2 million dollars in a civil case against The Dackman Company. The boy lived with his mother and grandmother from the time he was born until [...]


Outsourced Toys Contain Lead Paint

Lead was banned from being added to paint in the United States in 1978 due to its detrimental and irreversible health effects. While most people believe lead paint is no longer used, other countries have different, or no regulations on the use of lead. America is known for outsourcing when it comes to production, and with [...]

What To Know Before Hiring a Deleader

New England is widely known for its antique homes and historic charm. While older homes are beautiful and unique, there are many dangers that can occur while living in one. 1.57 million homes in Massachusetts currently contain toxic lead paint. While most articles focus on the dangers of lead exposure, and the detrimental impact it [...]


California Sues Major Paint Companies

After a 13 year litigation and 5 week trial, California finally ruled 3 major paint companies- ConAgra Grocery Products Company LLC, NL Industries INC., and The Sherwin-Williams Company, responsible for creating a public nuisance by selling lead based paint. The companies not only sold lead based paint, but sold it to homeowners with the knowledge [...]

Lead in Children’s Bones- What Was Discovered?

When young children attend their annual checkup, a blood test is administered that includes testing for existing blood lead levels. While a blood test can monitor whether a child has recently been exposed to lead, it does not show whether any past exposure has occurred. It only takes one incident of being exposed to lead to permanently affect a [...]

DIY Home Improvement- Lead Paint Risks

In an age where internet blogs and DIY videos are popular, there comes an increased risk for harmful and uninformed decisions. Trying to save money on home improvement by doing a project yourself seems like the smart way to go with handy step-by-step tutorials strewn all over YouTube. Remodeling your own home that was built [...]


De-leading Step by Step Process

I've added a step by step process to our webpages, but for those that have not gotten a chance to look at it, please click here. Do keep in mind that this step by step process for lead paint removal is specific for Massachusetts, as the regulations for each state is different.


Lead Paint in Old School Buildings

I've posted a good amount of articles on how lead paint affects children's IQ and future well-being. A local web article recently published on CapeNews.net spoke about how there was progress being made on the feasibility of renovating an old school building, the James F. Peebles Elementary School, in Bourne, MA that was built in 1953. [...]

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