New England is widely known for its antique homes and historic charm. While older homes are beautiful and unique, there are many dangers that can occur while living in one. 1.57 million homes in Massachusetts currently contain toxic lead paint. While most articles focus on the dangers of lead exposure, and the detrimental impact it can have on developing children, there is another worrisome topic that many overlook.

young-family-300x200Lead paint regulations and removal methods are complex and detailed. If performed by the wrong person, lead remediation can create an increased amount of lead dust, causing lead poisoning and irreversible damage. Many homeowners only know the bare minimum when it comes to lead regulations, as it is not often discussed. Remediation can become expensive, and it is understandable that a homeowner would want to spend the least amount of money possible to get the annoyance of lead paint taken care of. This is where more damage can occur, if done by the wrong person or crew.

Firstly, the state of Massachusetts requires all deleading contractors to file a 10-day notification with the state. This notification explains when the deleading is taking place and notifies the local Board of Health, the Department of Occupational Safety, and the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program. If a contractor does not file a 10-day notification, a red flag should be raised that they may not be properly licensed or knowledgeable in deleading practices.

Another aspect to be aware of is the cost of the deleading itself. While saving money is ideal, especially when on a budget, the cheapest quote is not always the safest. The workers performing the deleading must be paid significantly less for a low quote to occur, which may generate a  unsatisfactory end result. To quote significantly lower than competitors, contractors will cut corners and skip certain protocols that are imperative in performing safe deleading practices. This will lessen the amount of hours it takes to perform the deleading and thorough cleaning, allowing for a lower price. Deleading a home creates toxic and highly poisonous microscopic dust. and when not prepped and cleaned properly, can leave your home more dangerous than before you left.

The purpose of deleading a home is to protect families and young children from lead poisoning. If a non-qualified worker attempts to perform any lead remediation, the risk of exposure is increased, and the effects irreversible. Research lead remediation companies thoroughly before making a decision. Checking licenses, reading reviews, and asking meaningful questions can protect your family from a preventable disaster. Not all contractors or deleading companies are dishonest, but it is better to be aware and make an educated decision.