Lead Remediation Project Reviews

Monument Street, Charlestown

Monument Street Charlestown Remediation Project“In my experience, Northeast Remediation is in a league of their own when it comes to professionalism, quality, care, thoughtfulness, and caring about their customers.  They are exceptional.  We checked with several companies before choosing Northeast Remediation and we were simply blown away by the difference, even starting with the promptness and professionalism of the receptionist who made our appointments.  We had a very big, very complex de-leading problem in our home, and the CEO, Bryan Ganz, and COO, Scott Silver, could not possibly have been more patient, conscientious, creative, helpful, kind, and professional in guiding us through the entire project.  We had to make decisions about how to de-lead four floors worth of window casings, doors, ballisters, window frames, windows, door frames, base-boards, and more; it was quite overwhelming at first, and the first de-leading company we called had made me feel even more confused and overwhelmed after the walk-through.

In contrast, Bryan and Scott spent hours with my husband and me carefully discussing the pros and cons of the encapsulation, scraping, dipping, and replacement methods for each area in our house — each piece of wood even —  taking into consideration the historical value of each piece, as well as the differing costs of each de-leading option.  Ultimately, they came up with a very detailed and thorough proposal explaining exactly how each piece would be de-leaded, summarizing each process, and delineating all the costs.  I honestly could not have imagined a better team to trust with our home. During the de-leading process, they kept us abreast of all developments with photos and e-mails (without our prompting), helping us to feel comfortable and up-to-date.  They also went out of their way to take care of the snow issues that arose during the record-breaking winter we just had, and to ensure that our neighbors were not disrupted by their workers and vehicles.  We are now happily back in our home, feeling safe and secure knowing that our baby is not exposed to lead paint, and I am enthusiastically recommending Northeast Remediation to all my neighbors.

If you want a top-notch de-leading company with an exceedingly professional, honest, and kind CEO and COO, who will truly care about your project and your home, call Northeast Remediation.  They are the best of the best.”

Melanie Wachtell, March 20, 2015

Lexington, MA

“I highly recommend Northeast Remediation. They did a fantastic job in all phases of our renovation project in Lexington, MA including de-leading, window replacement, carpentry, and painting. Much of the work was difficult and involved challenging transitions from the old building to new construction. They worked through countless details demonstrating expert problem solving abilities and superb carpentry and painting skills. They were responsive and professional, their work was meticulous and they were also a pleasure to deal with. In addition, they provided detailed cost estimates and accounting throughout the project so there were never any surprises. Their work was outstanding and they were always on time and within budget. I recommend Northeast Remediation without reservation and welcome the opportunity to extol their praises to prospective clients.”

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Dorchester, MA

“Taylor was just fantastic. She held our hand through the whole process. She was prompt and thorough. The work that Lars led looks absolutely fantastic – even though remediation is expensive, it’s nice that our place looks so much better! The windows are awesome. The turnaround for the window order was incredibly fast. Once they get into our place, we couldn’t believe how quickly they finished.

Would definitely recommend using Northeast. Everything they do is efficient and thoughtful.”

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Lynn, MA

“When I walked into my house after the mold removal project was complete, I was so amazed.  Everything looked so clean and white and the bad smell was gone.  I’d been looking at rotten black smelly wood going all the way up the stairs and ceilings, in my hallways and dining room for one month and it’s finally gone.  Everything is ready for the construction workers to come in and complete their job. I did not get the opportunity to meet them, but my husband said Richie and Tony were wonderful, respectful and worked diligently every minute they were at our house.  They completely cleaned up everything after themselves, and they also replaced the plastic zippered doorways so that it is easy to enter and exit without the zipper getting caught anymore.

My husband and I are hoping you will let their supervisor know how pleased we are and that we will recommend them on behalf of Northeast Remediation to anyone we learn needs either mold or lead paint removed.”

Cambridge, MA

Cambridge lead remediation project“NER did an excellent job — they were responsive and professional, they finished on time, and the quality of the work was excellent.

We deleaded a 700 square foot apartment.   We got 3 estimates for the work.  NER was the most expensive by about 20%, but their work included painting, which the others did not, and they were far and away the most responsive and reliable.

We had a tight timeframe, and NER kept to it, which was critical.  There were a few very small open items left after work was complete — outlet cover left off, uninstalled blind — and NER returned first thing the next morning and addressed all of them.

NER actually went above and beyond the SOW to ensure we passed inspection.  They also fixed other issues as they worked — adding more insulation around the windows, fixing a broken door hinge, etc. — for no extra charge.

We were extremely happy with NER’s work and would definitely recommend them.”

Newtonville, MA

“I would highly recommend Dave and his crew for any deleading project.  They were in our house 7 weeks doing a complete deleading as well as repainting several rooms, replacing ceilings and doors, and doing some other unrelated carpentry work.  First of all, Dave is really responsive.  We have worked with a lot of contractors in the course of owning our house, and I have to say he was the most responsive and easiest to get in touch with of anyone else we’ve worked with.  He always called back same day and was very patient and responsive with dealing with whatever our concerns were.  He also provided very detailed, clear quotes for the job.  We were very picky about what needed to be done, and added a lot of “extras” that went above and beyond the deleading process required by the state (for example, we wanted all of our door hinges scraped, all of our doors and the woodwork along the stairs completely scraped, some particular detail work in our pantries, all the window sills in the house replaced, etc).  Our quote ended up being about 4-5 pages long with all the individual line items, and he was very patient, and made sure we included everything, he was clear on the job, and we were happy with the work as it went along.  Some things did change as the project went along and he was responsive about dealing with this, and helping us make decisions as the project progressed.  As for the work itself, we are back in the house now and everything looks great.  I think these guys are particularly skilled with the carpentry work and finishes – they replaced all the door sills and window sills and the wood frame around the windows in our house, and everything looks like new – better, frankly, than it looked before.  I was particularly impressed b/c they had to fit the new sills and wood into the old plaster walls and there is no hint that they did any damage anywhere.  I also noticed that they went above and beyond and fixed some things that were not part of the job specs but really made the job done “right” – such as, we asked them to install a new back door, and they did this as well as putting in a new door sill and fixing the floor on the inside around the area so it would be tight (this is hard to describe, but it was detail work that went above and beyond).  They also did not complain when the initial jobs they quoted for became much harder/more labor intensive than expected at the beginning.  One piece of the job was that they were going to scrape/repaint our LR and DR ceilings, and they ended up having to take down all the ceiling beams and replace the whole ceilings, rather that just scrape and repaint.  It was much more work than they originally thought, but they did it, with no complaints, and it looks great.

My one complaint is that I did notice some painting of the trim that was slightly sloppy.  I told Dave and he came back in person with his guys the next day to fix the areas we indicated.  Also, the project took much longer than expected.  I don’t really blame them for this – there were some unforeseen circumstances that no one could control that led to delay, and some areas of the project just took longer than we thought.  All in all, it was a very positive experience for us and we would very much recommend this company.  Dave and his crew were also very respectful to our neighbors, which is important because we share a driveway and space is tight around the house.”

Watertown, MA

Watertown lead remediation project“From the time I called Northeast Remediation for the estimate until the time they finished the job they were professional, punctual, and expert in their work.  The bid they gave me was the best I received.  They worked quickly and efficiently.  They never inconvenienced myself or any of my tenants.  I can say that they were the most conscientious contracts I have ever used and I have been in the rental business for the last 10 years.  The workmen were quiet, showed up on time, and were careful not to disturb the landscaping or any part of the house they were not working on.  Any questions or concerns that I had were responded to immediately and to my great satisfaction.  Even though they specialize on lead abatement the work they did in painting and carpentry was better than most specialists in those fields.  Also they finished the job about 2 weeks ahead of schedule and slightly under budget.   If I ever have the need to delead again I would call this company without reservation.  They are a pleasure to work with.  I can not think of any way they could have made this a better experience for me.”

Waban, MA

WabanEveryone at NE Remediation was very professional and helpful. All steps were carefully and fully explained, the bid was detailed (and significantly lower than others), and the management went out of their way to assign a large enough crew to get us back into our house by Thanksgiving — a major effort that involved a lot of work over the weekend without charging us for the overtime. Afterwards, they were very good about completely the punch list of minor touch-ups. Highly recommended

Burlington, MA

“We recently had a child and became concerned with the “status unknown” on the house we recently purchased. After meeting with multiple companies, one of the Northeast Remediation employees visited my home to provide me with a quote. From the beginning it was apparent that Northeast Remediation was on a different level than the other firms I had contacted. They were responsive, reliable, detail oriented, and most importantly, professional. I’m glad my child is in a safer home now. I would recommend using their services to anyone looking for lead remediation.”