Are Your Child’s Toys Hazardous?

Christmas is finally upon us, and dozens of presents are under the Christmas tree waiting to be opened by eager, enthusiastic children. While most of the blogs I write focus on lead paint in homes, I consider this an important time to touch base on the lead paint in children’s toys. While lead paint was [...]


Behind the Scenes at Northeast Remediation

Recently, my colleague Victor and I had the opportunity to attend a de-leading certification class. Being associates at Northeast Remediation, we thought it would be in our best interest to be more educated on the lead removal process. The 32-hour course would ultimately gain us a certificate to work on and supervise high-risk de-leading projects. We attended [...]


Various Methods for De-leading Your Home

Homeowners residing in houses that contain lead paint are often misinformed about the de-leading processes available to them. Lead paint is not something that is discussed often, so when a family is required to take action, they can make rash decisions without weighing their options. A major part of hiring someone to remediate your home [...]


Lead Paint Legal Issues

Lead paint exposure is an ongoing issue that has existed for decades. Houses were built using lead paint on both the interior and exterior of homes until 1978, when lead paint was deemed too dangerous for use. Up until that time, no one considered what irreversible effects the ingestion and inhalation of lead paint and [...]

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